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The Wanderer Returns to Blighty 14.10.2011
The Cheeky Seventh Continent 03.09.2011
Hips Don't Lie 25.08.2011
Favela-on-Sea 23.08.2011
Totally Failing to Avoid Carnival! 21.08.2011
Pirates of the Caribbean 07.08.2011
The Brazilian Amazon 13.07.2011
Being a Movie Star in Rio 12.07.2011
Wet t-shirts at Iguazu Falls. 03.07.2011
Manhandled by a hairdresser in Buenos Aires 20.06.2011
Shocking News back on Planet Earth 11.06.2011
Antarctica 05.06.2011
The end of the world.. 30.05.2011
Worth a stay in Fawlty Towers! 16.04.2011
Empanadas, steak and red wine 06.04.2011
Catching my Breath 06.04.2011
Be Prepared for Very Basic Conditions...... 11.03.2011
The Copacabana ch’alla 10.03.2011
Lake Titicaca Phnarrr 06.03.2011
Celebrating New Year at 12,000 feet 05.03.2011
Baby Alpaca Pizza 03.03.2011
Christmas in Cusco 03.03.2011
Mate de Coca, my new friend 11.02.2011
Now that is what you call a wet landing! 27.01.2011
Viva Quito! 25.01.2011
Rebels 22.01.2011
While it was snowing in the UK....... 18.01.2011
Kia-Orana to Paradise 11.01.2011
A Fiery Pit Stop 10.01.2011
Bay of Islands 05.01.2011
How to ruin a perfectly good bikini 02.01.2011
Zealandia 02.01.2011
Too much FRENCH! 27.12.2010
If this is heaven think I will start behaving myself! 24.12.2010
WOW Scotland with Penguins! 23.12.2010
MILFord Sound 19.12.2010
Sorry Bambi! 09.12.2010
Feel like doing something CRAAAAZZZYYYY!!!! 06.12.2010
The Franz Ice Hike Shuffle 05.12.2010
I make a crap barmaid! 05.12.2010
Blue penguins, shags and lashings of ginger beer! 05.12.2010
Think I pulled! 04.12.2010
Kia-Ora to the Pacific Ring of Fire 30.11.2010
Halftime Schooners? 30.11.2010
Bris Vegas 21.11.2010
Harvey the Hervey Bay Whale 19.11.2010
What no dingoes? 12.11.2010
I have a cunning plan.... 10.11.2010
The Wetsundays 04.11.2010
Rock Chick 03.11.2010
Goldmines and titty bars 21.10.2010
The great ocean bike ride 21.10.2010
An unexpected adventure for this sooky Pom.. 19.10.2010
Getting back on a bike!... 18.10.2010
Quickly getting into the Aussie spirit hic! 10.10.2010
Goodbye Asia, I will miss you.... 02.10.2010
Time for a Holiday.... 02.10.2010
Beautiful Bali 26.09.2010
Ravenous Holy Monkey.. 25.09.2010
Mount Bromo 18.09.2010
Yep, worse than Blackpool....... 18.09.2010
Bangkok Taxi Drivers grrrr 18.09.2010
Not a jellied eel in sight 13.09.2010
Rowing to the 7eleven in your PJs! 13.09.2010
ipod to the rescue 28.08.2010
Whooopppps!!!!! 21.08.2010
Sabaideeeeeee......... 17.08.2010
Please Don't Rush 13.08.2010
Towards the Laos border 13.08.2010
Pampered to within an inch of my life! 13.08.2010
Hugs 13.08.2010
Sick! 01.08.2010
The 60 Kilometre stroll that nearly killed me 27.07.2010
A Huge Breath of Fresh Air 24.07.2010
The Trishaw Drivers Story 21.07.2010
Was this a dream? 20.07.2010
I was scammed in Yangon. What a turnip! 17.07.2010
Straight Back to GO! 17.07.2010
Travel Karma oh where have you gone? 16.07.2010
The food orgy intensifies! 11.07.2010
Can't get no sleep.... 10.07.2010
Suspicious Mind 23.06.2010
Buko Shake Gate 23.06.2010
The Benny Hill Show 23.06.2010
El Nido, Palawan Island, Philippines 09.06.2010
A Bit of a Good Week! 30.05.2010
Maybe a little travel Kudos for this one?! 24.05.2010
Tuaran, Malaysian Borneo 14.05.2010
A Tough Decision in KK 14.05.2010
It's a Very Small World! 08.05.2010
The Cave of Cocks! 03.05.2010
You just have to see it for yourself I guess! 29.04.2010
Monkey Mischief in the Mangroves 29.04.2010
The Home of Cap'n Jack Sparrow 25.04.2010
All this luck is starting to freak me out now 20.04.2010
First Port of Call 18.04.2010
This was just meant to be 13.04.2010